Monday, December 22, 2014

I don't believe in Christmas

...but Santa arrived at my front door this afternoon anyway, and dropped off two large cartons.
Two large shipping cartons sitting on a living room floor.
 Which contained much Lundby goodness:
A new Lundby Smaland dolls' house and garden, surrounded by packages of Lundby furniture and accessories.
(and my first challenge for 2015).

At the Sydney Show back in May, I'd been chatting with lovely Paula, the Lundby Australia distributor, who told me about the new approach Lundby was taking with promoting DIY and custom Lundby 'hacking' and asked if I'd like to 'hack a house'.

Of course I said yes! Things got busy for us both (although I did find time to brain storm what I'd like to turn the house into and we emailed back and forth over several months to come up with ideas for what I might need her to send me as well as the house).

And today it all arrived. I should get started on the project but the beady-eyed amongst you might notice a reason to put things off for a couple of days:
Copy of the book 'Scandinavian Design in the Dolls' House'.
Included in  the boxes was a copy of the book I'd been eyeing up this time last year in Brisbane. If anyone's looking for me, I'll be on the sofa...

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Monday, December 08, 2014

Sunday surprises

Browsing through the most dangerous shop in all of Canberra, I spotted this nestled amongst the offerings:
Copy of the book 'The Making of Home' on display in a book shop.
 and instantly cried 'dolls' house!'

'Are you sure?' my shopping companion replied. 'Well yes: that's a REAC chair and a Dolls' House Emporium bed in the top room.' I stated, And so, when I got home I tried to find out who had created the cover, With no luck (looks like I'll have to buy a copy anyway and then I can check).

Interestingly, on the other side of the same display stand I found this:
Copy of the book Horrorstör on display in a book shop.
 (And there it was again next door...)
Copy of the book Horrorstör on display in a book shop.
Which got me thinking. Are these two examples (and, of course, The Miniaturist) pointing the way to a new trend in book cover design? Might we end up seeing a new employment option open up for us? And, if so, how do I sign up?

Sunday, December 07, 2014

A massive Saturday night

Local tourist attraction Cockington Green held a night opening last night - something they usually only do for school groups.

My Co Editor (who had drived down from Sydney for the event) and I were on tenterhooks all day as it's been a rainy weekend and we were hoping it wouldn't be rained out.

But it went ahead despite the rain, giving us the opportunity to splash our way around the exhibits without having to deal with the usual festive crowds.
Miniature model version of the main building at Cockington Green Gardens, at night.
I was surprised how different it felt, being there at night.

We'd arrived while it was still light, so had a drink in the cafe while we waited for it to get dark (and giggled about how this wasn't your usual Saturday night drinking spot).
A bottle of special-label Cockington Green wine next to a glass of it.
Once it got dark I managed to photograph some quite unusual shots of the buildings:
Miniature model of a railways station with a train at the station, at night.
Miniature model street scene of a tree and a concrete wall on a hill in the rain.
Miniature model of colourfull apartment buildings at night.
Miniature model of a lit-up building surrounded by bushes, at night.
 (Here are some very old photos of some of the same places during the day).

Friday, December 05, 2014

Mini gifties

Part of a piece of scrapbooking paper with a typographic design next two several shortbread biscuits in the shape of houses and trees.
Today I was given two lots of mini-related gifts.

First up was a scrap of scrapbooking paper given to me by a card-making colleague. I'm looking forward to working with it to make something for Margell..

The other was a package of gingerbread and shortbread house (and tree!) biscuits made by a friend. She used the cookie cutters Cider Teak gave me to make biscuits for her workmates as Christmas gifts and I got some of the extras as a thank you.

Thursday, December 04, 2014

December decorating

Tonight's scene started with an image I cut out of a catalogue some months ago. Of course, the end result ended up only vaguely referencing the original, but it's appropriately festive for this time of the year (for those who do that sort of thing), so I'm happy.
Modern miniature cupboard-top scene which includes a silver lamp, a bowl of pinecones, a three-section picture, a Christmas angel and a wooden star on the wall.
Here's the original image, which I cut out because the lamp was similar to the one in the parcel that Elvira sent me in June this year, and the picture easily replicable from the one in the package Pepper sent in September last year. The fact I discovered plentiful supplies of miniature pinecones recently sealed the deal:
Catalogue ad showing a silver lamp, a bowl of pinecones, a three-section picture, two wooden vases (dip-painted white, one with a sprig of bush), and a decorator plate on the wall.
Of course things didn't go quite according to plan, I have the perfect desk for the scene. Unfortunately too buried to find this early in December, So I used the vintage German cupboard I (finally) mended last night as a base.

Then I discovered that I don't seem to own a plain white ceramic bowl (let alone a slightly grey version). Not to worry, I substituted the rectangular one that Mad for Mod sent me in February this year.

And of course I don't have white-dipped wooden bead vases. Or that plate. So it was at this stage that things went off-plan. While looking for plate options that might work, I found a wooden star, And the angel that Penelope sent to me in the returned Bellabox in September.

Suddenly my generic-themed copy of a catalogue image had turned into a meaningful display of items gifted to me by various blog buddies. I'm satisfied (but still off to buy a plain white bowl, And find my beautiful new desk...)